Wheezy VCT container, Internet access for slivers

With the recent launch of the new Debian 7.0 “Wheezy”, some users that were testing the CONFINE controller found some incompatibilities between Wheezy and the previous Debian “Squeeze” regarding task management. I decided to upgrade the VCT container to Wheezy to ease the testing of these issues and Marc managed to fix or work around them. As result, he published new versions of the controller and I packed a new VCT container based on Wheezy with one of these versions. We also found some issues with the handling of new hosts in tinc that Guus helped clarify. With all this testing, node software and controller software are quickly getting really usable and stable!

Also, Pau asked me to find a way to provide Internet access (at least NAT) to Community-Lab slivers running on community networks which use private IPv4 addressing. Since tampering with community routes is not an option, we decided to follow the VPN path. I'm working on leveraging the presence of the tinc mesh already used for the management network to also provide VPN access to testbed gateways connected to the Internet. Not an easy redesign so late in the project, but I have some proposals that make everything (management network, VPN, tinc) fit quite well.


[...] upgrading the VCT container to Wheezy, the turn came to the Debian sliver template. Besides the upgrade, I decided to make templates more [...]