Testbed architecture pages, upcoming Battle Mesh

I finished restructuring the testbed architecture start page to make each main topic have its own page which fits into a narrative that can be read from start to end. This should help newcomers understand how CONFINE testbeds work while gently introducing the most relevant concepts. The page that got most attention was that about the management network, which was extended to include a good introduction about its fundamental role and nature, the need for the IPv6 overlay and its tinc-based implementation. The high-level introduction of the old IPv6 overlay page was merged into that page while the low-level details where moved to the software pages.

I was also working on my demo for next week's Battle Mesh using a VCT container, but some issues make me suspect that it'll be less troublesome to test real nodes from Community-Lab where at least the server part is already set up and working. I also intend to take the chance of visiting the Battle Mesh to discuss some wild ideas that Dani, Leandro and me were informally discussing today about using Linux's kexec in the initial node system… well, more on that in another post. :)