New VCT container image with controller support

Well, here's my first post in a series that will report the progress of my current work at the CONFINE project.

Axel and Marc recently managed to integrate the CONFINE controller software into VCT. However, the installation of the controller is more invasive that that of VCT itself (change of default locale, installation and activation of system services…), so using a VCT container instead of a host installation becomes even more handy. Marc and me managed to fix some hidden issues in the controller that prevented it to be installed in a clean VCT container, and I extended the VCT container creation procedure to include the CONFINE controller and dependent software so that few packages need to be downloaded later when using different versions of the controller. The new VCT container image is available in the CONFINE images repository.

Two unrelated topics that have surfaced lately once again and will need more attention: i) the need of a safe node update procedure (the node storage layout specification needs further detail so that Daniel can progress on this), and ii) the need to set up some testbed gateways to connect the different community network (CN) islands of Community-Lab (although the FEDERICA connection should offer direct IPv4 connectivity between community networks — a great work by CN people indeed).

Finally, I'm planning to attend this year's Battle Mesh in Aalborg. Hope to meet some interesting people besides CONFINE colleagues there!


Ei Ivan! M'alegre de saber de tú encara que siga per críptics posts :). Al final tot quadra: programant en python, investigant en temes de xarxes i fora d'Espanya :). M'alegre molt! Que et vaja molt bé en l'aventura!


Ei Canx, sí, poc més o menys :D. Moltes gràcies!