How to dump an encrypted DVD with "dd"

I'm trying to get the ISO image of a DVD but Brasero without GNOME behaves oddly and, frankly, I'm fed up with such complex programs for such a simple task. All around I see you can use dd if=/dev/dvd of=fitxer.iso to dump the DVD (I'd swear this didn't work some time ago), but my disc is encrypted with CSS and there's always an input/output error after reading part of the disc.

To my suprise, I open the DVD in VLC (which uses the libdvdcss library to decrypt it) and, after playing it for some seconds and closing VLC… dumping with dd works flawlessly! I've tried several times with several DVDs and it seems to be sistematic. Maybe there's some peculiar interaction with my DVD unit (I didn't check others), but… ain't it cool?