32-bit VCT container

Javi was unable to run the prebuilt VCT container template on his old Core Duo box since the container is 64-bit and those CPUs (though supporting hardware virtualization) are 32-bit only. He also had a hard time trying to build his own container from scratch following the instructions in the wiki because of the old version of the lxc package included in his Ubuntu install.

So I tried and built a 32-bit version of the VCT container in order to allow more people to run it. The new container seems to work on my 64-bit machine, and it would be great if someone could try it on a 32-bit machine. While preparing the new container, Marc found and fixed a missing dependency in the CONFINE controller software which made node firmware generation fail. Now virtual nodes in a VCT container can be defined using the controller, then created and started. :)

I also continued my work in the script that collects from the REST API the information of tinc hosts in a testbed's management network and generates the corresponding tinc host configuration files. The only part missing is the check for the validity of the API server's SSL certificate. I'll publish the script as soon as I find the appropriate repo. ;)